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Halton Peel Chiropractic Society


2013-2014 Schedule of Events




September 11, 2013

  Vito Marchese

 Grow Your Practice with Email and Social Media.’

October 9, 2013

Dr. Brian Budgell DC, PhD

CMCC Director of Neurophysiology Research Lab

November 13, 2013

Dr. Peter Scheuring

Chiropractic Neurology Diplomate

December 11, 2013


  Dr. Peter Amlinger

CCO President

January , 2014


Meet our new Co-presidents for the Halton Peel Chiropractic Society


 Dr. Andrew Moore and Dr. Callum Peever

 February , 2014

 CCO Candidates

 CCO Elections


March 12, 2014                          

 Dr. Carlo Ammendelio

 Spinal Stenosis Management

 April 9, 2014

 Dr. Adrian Raphael


 neurophysiologic impact ofsubluxation and its DIRECT connection to chronic disease (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc)

 May 14, 2014

 Dr. Ryan French

 Chiropractic Principles: Fact or Feces?

 June 11, 2014

Dr. Jamie Richards

 Actualizing ADIO

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