Schedule 2011-2012

Halton Peel Chiropractic Society


2011-2012 Schedule of Events










September 14, 2011


Dr. Michelle & Dr. Becky Whitney




October 12, 2011


Lisa Kembler 


Social Media

Identify how to engage with people

Integrate online activities

Develop content and find ways to effectively reuse it

Turn online connections into real business leads



November 9, 2011


Dr. Bruce Lambert 


December 14, 2011


Dr. Peter Amlinger


Holiday Social


January 11, 2012




February  8, 2012


Mr. Brock Simmons

 “Take Charge of Your Clock”

Time Management


March 14, 2012


Dr. Tom Preston and CCO Candidates


April 11 , 2012


Dr. Peter Amlinger


Living your Inate


May 9, 2012


Dr. Bruce Lambert


Adjsuting Round Table

Extremity Adjusting


June 13, 2012


Dr. Heidary


Conquer Fear With Passion and Principle


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