Schedule 2009-2010

Halton Peel Chiropractic Society


2009-2010 Schedule of Events









September / 09


No meeting


October / 09


No Meeting


November /09


Dr. John Minardi


Owning your Technique


December 9/09


    Dr. Justine Blainey


The process forperfection


January  /10


Dr. Peter Amlinger


CCO President


February /10


Open to any Chiropractor


Best Practices- Share your favorite tips and technique.


March  /10


All Halton Peel Society Members


Society Meeting and Discussion


April 14/10

Dr. John J. Triano

Dr. Vincent Campo

Gilbert Sharpe along with Dr. Peter Amlinger


Subluxation Discussion


May 12/10


Jo-Ann Willson, CCO Registrar and General Counsel, and Dr. Peter Amlinger


current events at the CCO and Continuing Education Requirements


June 9 /10


Dr. Colin Elkin


Maximized Living Canada, will discuss amazing strategies to be successful in practice.

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